09 December 2010

the beauty of language

i am a Malay

trying to speak fluent in English

it needs effort

i am not learning English because it is one of the important language in the world

i am learning English because i love language

English for me is just the same with other language that exist in this world

it is knowledge that we chase , that we can obtain through hard work

but the knowledege must be chase in the path of Allah S.W.T

the path that we use the language to spread the beauty of Islam toward others

my lecturer once said

"we had lost the Batu Putih because one of our lawyers cannot speak fluently in English"

*the Island was given to Singapore after the international trial in ICJ

so what if other people questioned the credibility of Islam?

we had to answer it, we had to make them understand

language is one of the way

one people cannot build a nation, it needs many, who fight in one path

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  1. how much important English is.. tapi,niat kena betol..

    p/s lawatlah blog saya